Monday, February 6, 2012

I promise.

This is not just a fashion blog. I promise. I was just playing around on polyvore and I thought I'd share.

At this point you're probably thinking I'm Valentine's Day obsessed. The truth is since I've been young I've liked it. I think I have my mom to thank for that, she always makes all the little holidays really special. I also think it's because I really enjoy making/giving valentines to people. There's something really great about taking a day to show people you care about them (V-day is not just for you and your boo dudes, it's about spreading the love in genreal). These days though, it's also really exciting because our anniversary is on the 12th. So I really get in the romantic spirit. This Sunday is going to mark two years for us. Needless to say, once I realized these events were so close I started dreaming of what to wear. All these outfits are right up my alley. I've wanted a dress like that blue one for a while now. I'm going to cross my fingers that it lands in my lap before the weekend. Haha, we'll see about that.

My pictures are loading super slow and I have lots of homework so I'm going to post my last Valentine's Day craft tomorrow. The anticipation is killing you. I KNOW. Me too.

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  1. I love the pink sweater from the school look! I was wondering if you knew where it was from?!