Saturday, February 4, 2012

shopping dreams

Let's face it, I would have to win the lottery to be able to shop at Anthropologie. There is one I walk by everyday when I'm at school and I always say to myself that I am going to save more money and buy one nice thing from there every once in a while. The only problem with that is, girls gotta eat. So for now I just go in there and drool. Some people say window shopping is a waste of time but I like to frequent my dream shopping spots so that when I'm in Buffalo Exchange or any other second hand store, I know what I'm looking for. Does that make sense? I feel like even when you go to somewhere like Target you can get overwhelmed by a lot of affordable clothing and then you end up leaving with a lot of things you'll never wear. But if you have in mind what is out right now that you like, inexpensive clothing ends up having less of a hold on your irrational decisions. Moving on, these are some of my favorite pieces currently at Anthropologie. I say who cares if it's winter! Put some color in your life with bright pieces. And, as always, I will never tire of stripes or floral prints.

Hope you guys have a great Super Bowl Sunday tomorrow! We're laying low and having a couple friends over which is exciting. I'm not really big on football (shocker, right) but really any excuse to have friends over is good with me and I'm actually a pretty competitive person, so I always end up getting into it. See you Monday! I have one more Valentine's Day craft so get excited.

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