The Name

Everyone always wants to know where our cute little blog names come from, right? I know it's something I always think about, so I figured I'd share.

I was kind of lost in the beginning when I was thinking of a name, all I knew was that I wanted something timeless. Something that would always be able to represent me.

This image came to mind. As a twenty something design student, I love all things mid century modern. Seriously in love. But before I even hit double digits I was a little girl who spent a lot of early mornings sleeping on my grandma's couch (that looked almost identical to the one in my header) who wasn't so into it. She was the queen of all things mid century modern, and when I think about her home decor now I swoon, but back then I thought it was awful. I remember thinking, c'mon Grandma let's get with the 90's. I miss my grandma very dearly and wish that I could be back in her living room now making crafts and eating fruit loops. I wish I had another chance to appreciate it all.

As a designer I want to be able be inspired by everything. I want to find the potential of art and beauty in everything. And most importantly, I don't want to be afraid to change my mind. Just because I didn't love all things wood and gold when I was 7, doesn't mean they can't be a couple of my favorite design elements as an adult. Just because I might not be such a fan of something today doesn't mean I can't change my mind tomorrow.

And that's how it happened, that's the story of Woodgrain & Gold.

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