Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Inside Look

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I love seeing artist journal pages. I think it's really awesome when a story can be told in little doodles instead of lengthy paragraphs. Definitely more my style.

On a completely different note Jackson's skin is still in bad shape. It was doing really good and then yesterday while he was home alone he got his cone off and reversed all his progress. I'm a sad mama today. I feel like no matter how much we try to help him and take care of him he's making things harder for himself. It's just really frustrating- it's my job to make sure he's happy and healthy but I feel like it's something I can't always control despite my best efforts. It just stinks. If you can send good vibes his way or maybe slip him into your prayers I would be so grateful. I just can't stand to see my little guy in pain anymore.

With all this not so fun talk about Jackson I figured it was only fair to share some fun stuff, and what are more fun than a few super cute puppy pictures?

The day we got the little fur ball
First camping trip!
His first unlikely friendship. 
See you tomorrow guys! I promise once the pup is all better I'll be back to my old blogging self ♥


  1. This entire post makes my artist's heart sigh with happiness.
    I'm sorry about the puppy skin problems.
    But the pictures are too cute for words.
    Thanks for sharing the awesomeness!

  2. I looooove those journals, especially 2 and 3. I'm always skimming through my best friends sketch pad (she's an artist), it's so interesting. I wish I could express myself through art.... and poor pup :( Good vibes sending your way! Doesn't he know that the cone is there for good reason and your only trying to help :(