Thursday, April 5, 2012

Game of Fashion

I'm feeling very rugged...and quite frankly a little badass lately. This can most definitely be due to the fact that I got wrapped up in the Hunger Games and immediately after Game of Thrones second season started. I feel like you all might be afraid I am some sort of media advertiser or a shut in that watches an obscene amount of television. The fact is that I am easily entertained and in turn fall completely in love with things that are awesome. It's pretty simple actually. Game of Thrones is AWESOME, but completely not family friendly and I do not recommend it for everyone.

Anyway while re-watching the first couple episodes of season one last night (yes my friends, if you have comcast all the episodes, even from this current season, are on HBO on demand) I found myself wanting to be part of the Stark family for many reasons two of which include the desire to wear (faux) fur and having a direwolf. In this I became ever so inclined to put together some Stark-esque modern day attire. Yes modern day Stark's wear Dr. Martens. Seriously, if any of you know people at Dr. Martens, I will work for shoes.

Come on, they're great right?
I'm in my second history class of the day right now (on break of course) and then I get to go back home to Jackson. Thank you all for your kind words and warm wishes, he seems to be slowly getting better.

Happy Thursday ladies and gents. See you tomorrow for Friday Favorites. Yes it is actually happening!

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  1. I love those boots in the 3rd box!!! It reminds me of Lisbeth from The girl with the dragon tattoo.

    Loving your blog! I am a new follower!

    Happy Easter! xoxo