Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hey There!

I've missed you guys so much! I've had a lot of personal stuff going on lately that needed my full attention so blogging needed to be put on the back burner. We all go through struggles and unexpected events. You have to know when to take some time for yourself, and when to pick yourself up and keep moving. I wanted to announce with 100% confidence that I am back. Are you ready for some awesome catching up we have in store? I sure am.

The first order of business I wanted to talk to you about is that the amazing Sara over at Chalk White Arrow is hosting another fantastic giveaway for me!  Take a look...

This beautiful necklace is from our shop! As many of you know I am smack dab in the middle of launching our new business Velvet Empire with my buddies Melanie and Kari. For as many entries as possible you can follow Woodgrain & Gold, Velvet Empire, and Chalk White Arrow! Best of luck to all you! The necklace is so simple and stunning. One of my favorite combinations. 

I'm starting a new feature on my blog that many of you have seen before. Oh yes, I'm doing a "my life lately according to instagram" bit. Yes everyone does them, but come on, instagram is awesome. SO AWESOME. 

I am off to Breitenbush Hot Springs for the night with three of my favorite girlfriends. That is my advice to you all. Cherish your friends. Make steady relationships with the people closest to you that support every aspect in your life in a positive way. So excited for a mini vacation with these girls! Seriously, they are awesome. I knew for sure they were keepers when they stuck by my side while I was going through a mild case of Bieber Fever. It was a rocky time but we got through it! ;)

See you all Tuesday when I get back for my new instagram feature!

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