Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Twin Peaks

Anyone? Anyone else love this show? All the girls at the shop have loved Twin Peaks for some time and when I started working there I didn't want to give in right away because, well, I'm a little stubborn. The other night Kirsten and I had an impromptu girls night and she insisted we watch the pilot. Ever since I've been hooked. I'm currently watching the first episode of the second season. 

With being in the midst of all my finals it's nice to have something to that makes all these long hours of work a little less awful. Plus it makes me infinitely happy that it was filmed right by where I grew up. 

If you feel like getting sucked into a short but amazing series it's your lucky day because it's on Netflix instant watch. Happy Tuesday!


  1. a couple years ago a group of us would get together every week and watch episode after episode until we finished the series. it's definitely amusing and i had no idea it was on Netflix. looks like this what will be playing in the background while I work this week!

  2. My roommate keeps trying to get me into the show. I have watched part of the pilot twice and can't get into it. I think I may be being stubborn though and not wanting to give in to the cheesiness, haha. I will have to give it another serious try.

  3. I hear about this show all the time and I really want to get into it! If it's on the instant streaming now, I might just have to watch it :)

  4. I saw a few episodes many years ago in college in a media class and loved it. Ever since I've been meaning to get the DVDs to watch in full!