Thursday, March 22, 2012

Guess who...

is done with finals? THIS GIRL! It's amazing. I took a final today that was 40% of my grade and I think I did really well (I studied A LOT) so I'm feeling pretty good right now. Nick and I have been spending the last couple of hours napping, walking around taking pictures, and enjoying the quiet of a cute little coffee shop by our place. This is the life. I cannot wait until I graduate and can be an adult. I think sometimes people forget as a college student you're forced into a lot of different roles. For me I'm the adult-with two jobs, the student-taking 5 classes, and the kid- who tries to have somewhat of a social life. Not to mention a girlfriend and a mommy to two furry little guys that like to get into trouble and eat things that make them sick (Jackson ate two whole avocados two nights ago, pit and all, not fun). 

I'm not complaining! I feel very fortunate and wouldn't have it any other way. I am just saying it's a lot and I really cherish my time off, when all I have to worry about is my job and my personal life. Everyone says the real world is tough but I think I am much more cut out for that. 

I am also cut out for having time to do a little guilt free online-stalking. Not people, but stores. I visit my favorite stores online and add anything and everything I like to the cart. Then I look at how much hypothetical money I've spent (which usually ranges anywhere from 300 to 1000), laugh, and then move on to something else. Do you do this too? Retail therapy for the poor. I really see no harm in it.

Lately I've been obsessing over button ups and I just discovered Madewell (yes, I live under a rock). From plaid, to denim, to plain old cotton, I want them all. They are really the perfect article of clothing. Dress them up, dress them down, they are amazing.

I also very much feel like I need this backpack, even though I have probably 4 or 5 backpacks at this point. I mean come on, it's super awesome right?

At $85 dollars she's a little out of my price range but ya never know. Santa is always watching. Huh Santa?

Anyways if you're still reading you get a gold star and are in the running for being my new best friend. Hope you all had a fabulous week and I look forward to being able to have time to hang out with you more often while there's no school!


  1. I was sooo ready to be an "adult", now I'm sitting here wishing I could go back to college. Ok, that's not really true, I love where I am now, but I definitely have to work about 80 times harder than I did in college.

    Enjoy the fun that comes with finishing finals! I definitely don't miss that part!

  2. Replies
    1. I love love love Madewell. I wish they were cheaper!! AH!

  3. you have a cute blog! visiting from rouge and whimsy! :D

  4. I have that exact backpack! I love it! It is so worth the money because the straps are padded and it is super comfy to wear.