Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sponsors Part I

Have you guys seen my sidebar lately?! It's blowing up with some pretty AMAZING bloggers. It wasn't long ago that I posted about doing sponsor swaps and I already have so many new blog buddies, it's really exciting. Before I introduce you to all those lovely ladies I want you to meet two girls that I sponsor separately from sponsor swaps. We all know by now that I am a broke college student so I think it goes without saying that I really love these girls' blogs and felt it was a must to support the great things they're doing!

Meet Erika. It was really easy for me to develop a blog crush on her blog Rouge & Whimsy. She has great person style, lives in Seattle (my hometown), and drove a gold and wood paneled jeep in high school (ehem match made in blog heaven?). I absolutely love reading her blog even if it makes me slightly homesick! She has an etsy site where she sells a lot of pretty things, my personal favorites are this headband and this pillow cover. I tried to pick one favorite but I couldn't! 

Meet Sara. She writes Chalk White Arrow, a blog that I've read since before I started my blog! She's always inspiring me to do pretty things for my home. Like Erika she has amazing personal style and she's starting her own etsy site where she is going to sell these lights (so awesome!). Seriously guys you should take a sec to stop by her blog, it is really really great. 

Speaking of doing pretty things for my house we made shelves for our kitchen today! It was really easy and we love them! 

I'm off to finish up some homework, see you guys tomorrow!