Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Favorites: Black & White

I'm trying out a new little feature on my blog. Friday Favorites. I just figure I love it when other blogs do similar features and this way I get to share things with you guys that I think are really really cool. We'll see how it goes, let me know what you think!

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I want to put these two outfits above together into one and wear it every single day. Is that a bad thing?

I have always been a big (HUGE) fan of color, and still am, but lately there is something about black and white that makes me swoon. Together they are so classy and sophisticated but also have this rock and roll edge that is so lovely. All things black and white get it my life!

On another note, we're putting up A Girl In Sunset (Lisa Maurine's amazing blog that I did the new design for) later today so I'll most likely be back here sharing with you guys! Catch ya later skaters.

{also I apologize for the useless links on some of these guys, I sourced back to the addresses they came from but a lot came from tumblrs and weren't sourced correctly}

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