Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ooo La La

I always feel SO CUTE when I'm sick, don't you? This cold has really hit me hard. All out of nowhere too. It was like one minute everything was fine and then the next it was full on awfulness. I posted on Facebook for people to tell me their weird cold remedies, and an hour later I've taken a stab at nearly all of the responses I got because I am that desperate to get back into the healthy groove. 

Something that is "sick" in the, "that's so sick brah" way, and not the "can you hand me something to blow my nose with" way, is this super amazing living room.

SWOON. Ahhhh yet another space that I wish I could call my own.

Let's hope by tomorrow I'll be making my way to getting over this nonsense. Stay healthy everyone!

{saved this photo a while back, if you know where it's from let me know so I can source it!}