Friday, January 27, 2012

Something Old. Something New.

That's some gnarly thriftage, brah!
I ended up having some time to kill before class the other night, which in Portland is pretty awesome because it's rather small and there are so many fantastic things in walking distance. I walked around for about an hour doing some leisurely thrifting and found some pretty sweet stuff. I use to work at Nordstrom and developed a pretty ridiculous shopping habit (having a discount changes things guys) but now that I have bills to pay, and all that good stuff, shopping trips are something sacred. I very rarely buy anything full price anymore, first of all because I can't afford to, and secondly finding things on sale or in thrift stores seems like more of an accomplishment to me now. I know it's silly, leave me alone. Anyway I got all this for $36! Which officially made me broke but it was worth it. 100%. I've secretly wanted a Pendleton bag for a couple years now but kept the want deeply buried because I could never justify how ridiculously expensive it is. This little guy was gently used, the perfect size, and only $17 (which is officially $41 off).

Also, as promised, here is one of a few craft ideas I'm posting to get everyone excited for Valentines Day! Handmade gifts always seem a little more special to me. Plus they're fun and inexpensive which are both major bonuses.

A) First, collect your supplies. For this I used a circle paper cutter, white card stock, fresh no. 2 pencils, and a variety of different colored ink pads.
B) Next cut out your cards. I think hand cut hearts would be a really cute alternative!
C) Do some stamp testing to see what you like. Using the eraser end of the pencil, get some ink. I would dip (I don't know what other word to use for that) my eraser after every two or three stamps
D) Come up with your own unique designs!

We're pretty crafty kids so I just picked a couple things that we already had. To save some cash I suggest modifying to what you already have too (you don't need to go out and buy a paper cutter). Ink pads can get kind of spendy if you buy a bunch at once, but they've turned out to be a pretty good investment. They're also sold with a couple colors in one pad like this, which is what I would recommend if you have the urge to buy ink pads for this specifically. You could also just use markers to get color on the bottom of the erasers, or even paint. They really do turn out great and are really quick to make! Good luck!

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