Saturday, January 21, 2012

Home Alone.

Ahhh yes the house to myself. Furry friends are sleeping, rain is pitter pattering, I'm wrapped in a nice cozy blanket. Oh and I'm super bored. Solitude is nice after a long day but come on, it's the weekend, give me a little excitement! Lucky for me I am easily entertained. I settled in to read a blog or two and I stumbled upon The Paper Mama's post of testing out hair colors (original credit though goes to Moorea Seal , another awesome blog). I figured it had the potential for a lot of excitement and I was right. I love every color. AND I am so not afraid of grey hairs anymore. Fancy that.

Anyway while I've been sitting here browsing the web I also found the first addition to our bedroom decor...

Bold lines, soft colors (and purple). Perfect! We have a queen sized bed which normally would have been $79 but we got it for $29! That's 50 dollars off!

Happy weekend!

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