Monday, April 9, 2012

Making History

Everyone today is the day. The day that I got INSTAGRAM. Here is my first one...

Now my excitement may seem silly, especially to you fancy iphone users, but my little old droid is so happy to be a part of this cool club. Honestly I don't know why I like it so much, I just get weirdly excited about the little things.

The story behind my first instagram is that a month or so ago when Nick's parents were in town we went to an antique show. We got to a taxidermy booth and I kind of freaked out. I love the look of all  of it even though it slightly gives me the creeps. When I showed interest in this stuff Nick's family nonchalantly said they probably had a skull at home that I could just have. I tried to act cool but was so excited because I've shopped around for something similar and it is crazy what people are selling them for. Not in the college budget. When we went to Nick's family's house for Easter yesterday his dad got the skull onto a piece of pretty reclaimed wood and sent it home with me. Nick's brother in law joked to his five year old twins that I was taking it home to use for my witchcraft. They responded with "oh, cool". I love kids. And no I don't practice any sort of witchcraft.

Here's a little taste of what the rest of our Easter looked like..

I also got to see this little gem. Nick's favorite coat from when he was just a tiny guy (seriously this coat was so small and so precious)

I so badly want to frame it but Nick says we have to wait until we don't live in a cramped apartment, which I can respect and agree with.

Hope you guys had a lovely Monday! See you all tomorrow.


  1. Ninja Turtles are pretty much my favorite. That is all. =)

  2. Are you collecting such stuffs? I've seen number of INSTAGRAM at the museum..Inns and Vintage bars...It's kinda creepy to keep in the house. I wonder what makes you love them?