Saturday, March 31, 2012

Color Crush

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Pops of purple. I am in love with pops of purple. I feel like it is a hard color to successfully pull off in a room at times but I absolutely adore all these examples above. It seems to pair well with more rustic elements.

I was bummed to miss Friday Favorites yesterday but we were having some puppy issues. You may be aware by now that Jackson's favorite pass time is getting into food that makes him sick. He ate a whole loaf of bread last week. At first I was mad because it was Dave's Killer Bread which is like 5 dollars a loaf, but it has been a downward spiral since. It made his skin go kind of crazy and he's been really itchy. In fear of him having really bad hot spots we had to get him a cone yesterday and he's been pretty sad. I feel so bad for him but can't help laughing every once in a while. He just looks so goofy and is completely unaware of how large it is when he's walking around. Hopefully it will help him learn his lesson and he'll slow down on being a little food thief.

We got him a Comfy Cone so at least he can still cuddle on the couch and enjoy being lazy.

Hope you're all having a fabulous weekend!


  1. Oh! Poor puppy! I sure hope he is feeling better! Bread is so good though... so it is hard to blame him!

  2. Poor pup. When my dog got spayed we put a cone on her and she had a melt down... she had to sleep on my face at night.

    I love Dave's Killer Bread..mmmm good!