Saturday, March 17, 2012

All Business

I was trying to be very serious but I always end up cracking a little smile.

Our friends are coming into town today, woohoo! They'll be here soon so I only have a second to stop by and say hello and Happy St. Patrick's Day! Be sure to wear green or else. You all know the drill.

I regards to my mixing patterns version of Friday Favorites yesterday I wanted to share a sneak peak of my What We Wear post over on the Icon Blog. I thought you would appreciate seeing my spin on it.

Hope you guys have a fantastic weekend. Next week is finals and then I get a break from school! Holy moly so excited.


  1. i wish i could have fun red hair like this!

  2. Your hair is beautiful! Wowee! I love red hair :] I also really like this outfit. The stripes go so nicely with the floral skirt. Great pattern mixing!

  3. i love mixing and matching patterns! i think you did a really awesome job in this outfit. my fav patterns to mix are floral and stripes which is what you've done so obviously i would love it! :)

    I've you'd like id love it if you would check out my blog as well!