Saturday, February 18, 2012

where art thou

I've spent my day so far eating some artichoke ravioli, working from home, and searching for my glasses. In searching I went through all of my purses and found a couple of my favorite things that I've lived without the last few weeks. 

Sadly, as you can see, my glasses are still MIA, and when work and school require me to stare at books and computers for hours on end not having them poses quite the problem. I just don't know where they could be. I really hope they turn up somewhere, they're my favorite! Beautiful little navy blue, square frames. Makes me sad just thinking they're all alone somewhere. I'm not trying to replace them but I need to start thinking about getting another pair for my eyeballs' sake.

trying on glasses is some serious business

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Through blog world I've stumbled upon Bonlook and I really love their frames. I tried almost all of them on virtually just to see, and I think these ones are the best. Although I don't know if I can pull off round glasses. I love them on other girls and always wanted to try them though so I did! Let me know what you think so I can actually attempt to pick one!

Happy weekend everyone!

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